A guide to realign careers if you lost jobs due to Covid-19 pandemic.


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Covid-19 has destructed many jobs as well as lives (sic) nonetheless, the economic scarcity and uncertainty laid off many success stories. Several ex-employees are still surviving and finding money making jobs in different avenues they never tried before.

Recent pandemic has devastated lot of jobs leaving everyone uncertain about their careers along with uncertain economic conditions and scarcity, leaving aside the destruction it caused to lives all over the world.

During this economic recession, several laid off employees are trying their hands at different arenas they never thought about. Earlier, we got so busy with our lives hardly getting time for ourselves. We almost forgot once we had dreams, we had hobbies, passions, that extra talent which we felt proud of during our early ages, just before life struck us.

This pause caused due to Covid-19 forced us to think about ways we otherwise would have never looked for.

Here’s a lockdown journey of five professionals who lost their jobs and thrived back at life fairly soon.

Studying during lockdown is great for time utilization”,

Akshay Kumar, 25, finds studying great alternative

Akshay Kumar, 25, who was working as an assistant professor with a reputed college, lost his job, due to pandemic, but it took him a month’s time to decide to complete his Phd while he has this time.

“With the online classes in place for the current academic year, the requirement for teachers have also reduced gradually. My first thought was obviously to send out resumes to all the institutions I knew and even try to get referred by friends at these colleges, but nothing seemed to work. That’s when I started listing out all my future goals and realised that getting a PhD was right at the top,” says Akshay who is currently a part-time scholar at Christ University, Bengaluru.

Yes, you have to try your best to land a job but also remember this a great time to do the other things that you had planned for yourself over the years. With everything becoming virtual and all this time on our hands, the opportunity to study at an international university or crack an exam that you’ve been preparing for is at the tip of your fingers,” he adds.

“Detour is sometimes the answer”

100+ "Nileena" profiles | LinkedIn
Nileena Ajith, 25, honed her skills of marketing during pandemic uncertainty

Nileena Ajith, 25, based in Bengaluru working with an event management company looked out for different routes, while hunting jobs.

“I knew that looking for a job in event management would not be the best option especially with the uncertainty of what the future holds. So I decided to look at my other skills and work with that. I narrowed down on marketing because that was an area I closely worked with even while working in an events company. But even when I was applying, I made sure that I didn’t settle for a job that I didn’t like, even though the times were desperate,” says Nileena who is now working as a Marketing Executive for a personal care brand.

She explains sometimes job openings are not posted publicly, so leveraging on friends, network and your connection to find out possible leads, opportunities and unadvertised openings has to be looked out for.

“Go online and start researching industries and companies that are currently hiring. Identify and find personal connections in these organizations. Also make sure your LinkedIn profile or your profile on any other job portal is updated with current content, industry keywords, and clear value and to increase your online visibility by consistently engaging on the site,” she adds.

“I switched from scrolling through my Instagram feed to scrolling through my LinkedIn account for a while and I think that did half the work in finding a job,” says Nileena.

You never know the tune, until you play it,

Nayana Premnath on Twitter: "Veganism Trial?? . So since last July ...
Nayana Premnath, 30, a Youtuber and IG influencer

“I decided to put up my skills as a YouTuber on my resume, even though I had no clue whether it would be counted as a useful skill. But in about a month’s time, I got the job of a content associate at an online learning portal and this was mainly because of my experience,” she explains.

Nayana Premnath, 30, a full time YouTuber and IG influencer, who never held a job for more than three years, but started looking for during this pandemic.

“Remember to include your recent employment and career achievements on your resume, and be prepared to customise content for every application, you never know what will strike a chord with the employer,” she adds.

“Referrals can take you long way ahead,”

The Ultimate Category Manager Job Description [Downloadable Template]

Aishwarya Mohanan, 24, who was working as a category manager, lost her job mid-April due to pandemic.

“After I lost my job, I wasn’t exactly sure where things were headed and I was finding it difficult to find something that matched my area of interest. But my previous company was helpful in referring and recommending me to several other companies which turned out to be very helpful and I was able to get a job through the referral,” she explains.

“Although I’m working in a smaller company, I’m able to put all of my experience to its full use and I’ve also realised that looking at smaller companies or freelancing is a smarter option, especially during this pandemic season when everyone is looking for a job,” she adds.

Finding right balance,”

Hithan TR, 25, who was working as a financial modelling and conversion associate at a financial services company based in Trivandrum, was getting difficulty adjusting to the unhealthy environment of corporate culture, at his workplace. Unable to take it any further he decided to put it to resignation finally during this pandemic. Knowing the risks he still chose to take a leap of faith.

“It was a risky decision but I couldn’t continue to work in a toxic environment. So I started conversing with my previous job’s colleagues about openings that are available and that’s when they suggested rejoining my previous company which is based in Bengaluru. As I had a good relationship with my previous manager and was eligible to rejoin, I was easily able to boomerang back into my old job,” says Hithan, who is currently working as a conversion associate in a Bengaluru based financial solutions company.

“Engaging conversations with your colleagues can go a long way. Instead of simply asking people to help you find a job. Inquire about opportunities, leads or information to support your job plan. For example, if there is a company that interests you, try to connect with people who work there to learn about the company culture. Or ask for an introduction to a person working in a field or role that interests you and ask them how they got their placement,” adds Hithan.

Think Positive, Talk Positive, Feel Positive
Remember, it is absolutely okay to feel lost, during this pandemic or otherwise, if you ever feel lost of worried about your career future, take a step back and ponder. Surround yourself with positive people and network until you find solace in finding your right goals.

This arcticle is sourced from TheBetterIndia blog.


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