How To Remove Pet Hair From Laundry Clothes

How To Remove Pet Hair From Laundry Clothes

Your pets spend most of their time rubbing against you, which is bad news for your clothes. It’s nothing new; they are friendly beings who crave much affection. While petting and cuddling them seems like a great idea, it usually becomes problematic on laundry day.

Removing your pets’ hair from your clothes takes a bit more work than you’d hope. But don’t worry: it’s normal, especially for owners who have pets that shed a lot. If you’re a pet owner who’s struggling with removing pet hair from clothes, here are seven ways to get the job done (and prevent it in the first place!).


Grooming your pet regularly is highly recommended to ensure pet hair doesn’t end up on your clothes. If your pet sheds a lot naturally, it increases the chances of your black turtleneck turning into a fur sweater. By grooming your pet, they won’t shed more hair than necessary! This reduces the amount of hair your pet leaves on your clothes.

You can also ask your pet’s veterinarian for extra grooming tips that will make your pet shed less.


It’s surprising how keeping your pets’ quarters clean can contribute to having less pet hair on your laundry clothes. Hair is light; once it gets whipped into the atmosphere, it’s not impossible for it to find its way into the washroom and onto your laundry clothes.

By keeping your pet’s quarters clean, you are not only creating a more hygienic space, but you are also lessening the amount of pet hair that ends up on your laundry clothes. Bring out those cleaning products and take a look around the places your pet frequents most.


Lint removers are specifically designed to remove any unwanted particles and lint on linens. However, it works just as well with pet hair! Using a lint remover on your clothes is great for removing any loose hair before its wash time.

Lint removers are affordable and generally last a long time, so investing in one wouldn’t be a bad idea. You’ll find that using it to remove pet hair is extremely effective.


It is important you inspect your laundry before throwing it in the washer. Washing your clothes with pet hair on it worsens the situation. After the clothes are dry, the hair is spread all over it.

On the next laundry day, carefully take your clothes out one by one. You can either dust them off or use a lint remover to remove unwanted pet hair. Once you’re done, put your laundry in the washer and they’ll be good as new! Make sure to do this regularly.


Using the right detergent goes a far way in removing pet hair from your clothes. For example, if you own a cat and you want to get rid of fur and unpleasant odors, there are special laundry detergents that you can purchase for that matter.

If you are unsure of where to start, visit your local supermarket or cleaning store. There, you’ll find great products that are designed not only to have your clothes smelling great, but also to remove pet hair.


If purchasing special detergent seems like too much and you want to opt for a more homemade method, then white vinegar may be the perfect option. Not only will it get rid of pet hair on your clothes, but it will also remove certain smells. 

Vinegar softens fabrics and makes it impossible for fur to stick. It also contains ingredients that cut the smell of potent odors such as urine. The next time that you want to remove fur from your laundry, you can always pour one and half cup of vinegar into you washing machine’s rinse cycle and let it do its job.


Cleaning your washing machine is extremely important and one that shouldn’t be ignored. You would be surprised at how much hair along with other items is left inside your machine. The last thing you need is for those hairs to attach themselves to a new set of clothes, so it is wise to constantly clean your washing machine.


Removing pet hair can be a tedious and tiring task, yet these seven tips will guide you to a fur-free wardrobe. For the most successful results, it is best to follow all the tips written. Good luck!