Reasons why your eyes get crusty when you sleep?


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when we wake up the next morning we all have found crusty gunk in our eyes, while it is a natural phenomenon the crust has some purpose to serve. It signals us the health conditions too.

  1. Why does it commonly appears?

Simply because our eyes stays closed all night, crusts appear. When we are asleep, crusts forms around corners of the eyes and along the lash lines, reasons being our eyes stays closed for long hours, due to which enough lubrication isn’t done which happens while we are awake and blink.

2. It is an important component for good eye health.

The “eye discharge” or “sleep” are wet which can get sticky and crusty upon dying out. When we blink the watery mucous which comes out of tear duct helps in lubricating and softening the eye balls. Crusts are defense mechanism of body to protect eyes from any king of bacterial infections.

3. Why it gets worsened?

When you over use your phone or binge watch television or computer screen your eyes tends to dry out eventually because while looking at the screens when we get too involved in it blinking of eyes reduce, thus drying out the eyes. Even if you sit in an air conditioned space, prolong usage of screens causes drying, also if you are crying for long period, crusts form giving your eyes a discomfort of stinging.

4. Not wiping out the crusts very often with clean cloth an water.

We tend to live in fast paced world, where news is everywhere, we of course like to update ourselves. Hence, when we wake up we usually stick to phones, or keep lying lazily in bed for hours, or quickly grab the hold of toothbrush. All we need to do is splash our face with tepid water and wipe it with clean washcloth or towel. Remember not to touch them with your bare hands as they might carry unwanted elements not visible from naked eyes, aggravating the infection thus more crusts.

5. Infected eyes.

Usually these crusts appear when we wake up from overnight sleep but if your are getting way too much eye boogers than usual probably you are getting an eye infection. Best advised to seek a medical consultation to check eye health.

Were you always curious about these eye boogers? Do you always wanted to know why do they appear?


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