Why You Should Drink Milk Before Bed?


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Milk is a great source of nutrients, no wonder why milk is the first food for any new borns, whether it is human or some animals, milk helps in a great way. It is nutrient-rich liquid food produced in mammary glands (including human who are breastfed) consumed before digesting any other types of food.

One full cup of whole milk has 3.25 % of milk fat and is also good source of vitamin D. It has 149 calories and about 7.9 g fat and 4.6 g of saturated fat. Whole milk contains 7.7 g protein and 11.7 g of carbohydrates. Whole milk as 0 fiber content and 28% of DV calcium. It contains 8% DV vitamin A and about 31% DV of vitamin D. Since milk is great source of protein and calcium. Low fat or full cream, various people have chosen according to their health needs and requirements.

Drinking milk at especially night has amazing benefits such as, insomnia, weightloss, constipation etc.

SpotlessInfo brings here why milk must be included in our daily lives for healthier beings.

1. Milk promotes healthy sleep.

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Some compounds in milk such as tryptophan and melatonin may help you fall in sleep. Tryptophan is a kind of amino acid found in variety of foods. This is responsible in production of neurotransmitter called as serotonin. This serotonin relaxes your mood and acts as a precursor for melatonin.

Melatonin improves the circadian rhythm of your sleep and helps you fall asleep reducing anxiety and depression which can be one of the root causes for disturbed sleep.

2. Milk is a complete meal in itself.

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If you are an early eater of dinner. You may feel hungry by the mid night again, to stop your stomach from growling. Milk can be a best alternative to keep it going for the rest of the night. Since it is good source of protein and carbs consuming milk can put your hunger to halt in much healthier way.

3. Milk can be a help for weight loss.

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Milk is not directly associated with weight loss but remember not getting enough profound sleep can certainly cause you heck lot of troubles for losing weight. Improving night’s sleep with regular habit of drinking milk will eventually help you fall back on the scale desired by you. Obviouly with healthy eating and exercises it can be maximised. You can choose from the options of low fat, skimmed or whole milk.

4. Milk for weight gain.

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Yes! true milk can be useful ingredient for adding those weights you always desired to attain to look fitter and heavier. If you are working out to build any body parts of yours be it legs, glutes, biceps etc. Including milk in your dietary supplement helps you put on those extra kilograms which won’t hurt instead make you look desirable. Again whole milk will give different results than skimmed or low fat milks.

5. Milk can increase lean muscle mass.

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Milk has casein and whey both are types of protein. Several studies prove that consumption of milk in evening/ night time can accelerate muscle protein synthesis.

6. Milk is good for bone health.

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Milk along with other nutrients also contains calcium in abundance. Bone is strengthened by calcium as one of the most crucial element for bone. After the age of 45 years women tend to lose bone density. This causes fragility to bone and upon slight jerks can cause them to fracture. Adding milk to your everyday routine can work wonders for your bone even without you worrying.

You can make delicious smoothies/ drinks/ shakes out of milk as your evening jazzed up snacking, this way you can get the goodness of milk without bothering about it’s smell or taste. (some of you who don’t enjoy the in primitive form).

Disclaimer: Although milk is one such drink which showed ambiguous results in studies. It has shown digestive disorders, aggravates some skin conditions like rosacea, Eczema, etc. It can also be cancerous if the cows were injected with hormones in order to produce more milk.

In order to be safe it is your responsibility to check where you are getting your glass of milk from.

Also some of us can be lactose-intolerant, which when interfered with milk causes bloating, gas, other digestive disorders.

Do you drink milk before you go to bed? Do you prefer it cold or warm? Does it help you fall asleep?


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